Material Safety

Section 1 Product and Company Identification

Product Name: Colorwheel Pigments

Data Sheet

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Not Expected to cause any significant hazard to eyes,skin, digestive tract or through inhalation.

First Aid Measures

If pigment gets into eye flush with water for 15 minutes or use an eyewash lotion Seek medical attention if eye becomes irritated

If a significant amount of pigment is ingested flush mouth with water and seek medical attention, do not induce vomiting

Handling & Storage

Handling – During handling do not eat, drink or smoke

Storage – Store in cool dry place away from heat and light store at temperatures below 100 F

Exposure Controls and PPE

Provide sufficient ventilation

Eye/Face Protection Chemical Splash Goggles

Skin Protection with Neoprene Gloves

This product contains no hazardous air pollutants or ozone depleting substances

Clean water act  This product contains no priority pollutants, hazardous substances or toxic pollutants as defined byt the CWA

This product has not been cleared by the FDA for use in food packaging and or other applications as in indirect food addititive.

None of the chemicals in these products are considered highly hazardous by OSHA

None of the chemicals in this product have an RQ or TPQ

This product contains no chemicals regulated under Section 304 as extremely hazardous chemical for emergency release notification cercla list

This product contains no hazardous substances under the OSHA hazard communication standard which is regulated under section 311-312 40 CFR 370

No chemicals are reportable under Section 313